92 Twin Screw Extruder


Twin screw extruder is a machine that can concentrate a series of chemical basic unit processes, such as solid conveying, pressurization, melting, exhaust, dehumidification, melt conveying and pumping out on the screw in the extruder. Compared with single screw extruders, twin screw extruders can make the melt more fully mixed, so it is more widely used. When using, you can intuitively understand the wear of wearing parts, and because it is easy to open, you can find the wear degree of threaded elements and barrel bushings at any time, so as to carry out effective maintenance or replacement. It will not be discovered only when there is a problem with the extruded product, resulting in unnecessary waste.

Twin screw extruders have the following advantages
1. Reduce production costs
When manufacturing masterbatches, it is often necessary to change the color, if necessary, open the open processing area is opened in a few minutes, and the mixing process can be analyzed by observing the melt profile on the entire screw. At present, when changing the color, ordinary twin screw extruders need to use a large amount of cleaning materials for cleaning, which is time-consuming, power-consuming, and wastes raw materials. The improved twin-screw extruder can solve this problem, when changing the color, it only takes a few minutes to quickly open the barrel for manual cleaning, so that no or less cleaning material can be used, saving costs.
2. Improve labor efficiency
During equipment maintenance, ordinary twin screw extruders often have to remove the heating and cooling systems first, and then pull out the screw as a whole. The improved twin screw is not used, just loosen a few bolts, turn the worm gear box handle device to lift the upper half of the barrel to open the entire barrel, and then repair. This shortens maintenance time and labor intensity.
3. High torque, high speed
At present, the development trend of twin-screw extruders in the world is to develop in the direction of high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect of high speed is high productivity. The twin screw extruder belongs to this category, and its speed can reach plus 500 rpm. Therefore, it has unique advantages in processing high-viscosity, heat-sensitive materials.
4. Wide range of applications
It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the processing of a variety of plastics.
5. High output, high quality, high efficiency
With other advantages of ordinary twin screw extruders, it can achieve high output, high quality and high efficiency.

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