Unveiling the Data Hierarchy: Capitalizing on the Hot Trend of Data

According to the most recent NewVantage Data and Analytics Global Leadership (DAGL) survey, an overwhelming majority of surveyed companies have reported that their data yields tangible value. This marks a significant increase from just 50% of organizations who answered positively five years ago. Even in the face of growing global economic uncertainty, over 90% of respondents expressed intentions to further invest in data in 2023.


YES Digital Financial Inclusion Aggregator Optimization Continuation Radar Classic

The emergence of new technology and new finance globally will lead to the change of rules of an era, extinction and rebirth. YES Markets, as a leader of the new civilization of Web3.0, let's take YES as a starting point to explore the great Web3.0 world in depth, seek a fair, balanced and trustworthy way to shape our new future, and open a new round of change of social culture and value together.


Hui Min County, Shandong: "Village Theater Troupe" Enriches the Spiritual Life of the Masses

Just as the night fell in the cultural square of Shima Village, He Fang Street, Hui Min County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, devoted fans of the Village Theater Troupe began singing the classic aria The Legend of the Red Lantern from the traditional Lü opera. On the stage, drums and music resonated harmoniously as one performance followed another. The enraptured audience couldn't help but applaud enthusiastically from time to time.

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