Chongqing Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. appeared at the In-cosmetics Global 2024 to appreciate the functional aesthetics of Chinese ceramides


With the rapid development of the global cosmetics industry, the innovation and application of raw materials have become key issues in the industry. In-cosmetics Global 2024 opened grandly in Paris, France from 4.16 to 4.18. Chongqing Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical), as the leader of Chinese ceramides raw materials, will witness the debut of "China Intelligent Manufacturing, Chinese Raw Materials" on the international stage.

As a high-tech enterprise driven by technology & R&D, Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical has successfully produced and is developing 4 kinds of sphingosine, 12 kinds of ceramides, and 5 kinds of ceramide liposomes, forming one of the rich and highly competitive ceramides product pipelines, based on years of research and exploration in synthetic biology, cosmetic application technology, and medicine technology development.



Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical has achieved domestic independent research and development and mass production of phytosphingosine through technical means such as strain construction, mutagenesis, and screening. What’s more worth mentioning is that Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical’s ceramides series products have reached the forefront of the industry in terms of purity, content and stability, providing differentiated quality solutions according to customers’ specific needs, ensuring that the performance and effect of the product are maximized, creating a new ecosystem for the industrialization and commercialization of ceramides.

Following the debut of Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical’s disruptive new product- - liquid crystal bionic structure ceramide at PCHI 2024, it will also appear on the international stage this time. This is a disruptive and innovative result of Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical research integrating top expert resources in the industry. The launch of this innovative product not only demonstrates Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical’s profound heritage and forward-looking vision in the field of ceramides, but also brings new development opportunities to the entire cosmetics industry.

With its first-class R&D and production capabilities of ceramides raw materials, Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. reflects its unremitting pursuit of innovation and quality. In the future, Zhihe Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. will continue to uphold the mission of "Biotechnology driving high-quality and better life for humanity", lead the efficacy aesthetics of ceramides, witness the multi-dimensional strength of Chinese ceramides, promote the research and application process of ceramides and other active compounds, and contribute more to the prosperous development of the beauty industry.

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