Levelling Plaster


It is used for filling and repairing various structural breaks in wall decoration and joints, holes and unevenness between gypsum boards, plywood and fireproof boards, for levelling large areas of walls, and for correcting vertical and horizontal corners of yin and yang. Widely used in the construction industry, bridge building, tunnel construction, roads, wall repair, road repair, etc.

Levelling plaster is the use of natural gypsum, organic gelling materials supplemented by high-quality environmentally friendly additives mixed from the wall base plaster, we can directly use levelling plaster for wall rough levelling, levelling plaster word scraping thickness between 3-10mm, plaster has both early strength, fast hard, fire, noise, insulation and other characteristics of building plaster, but also has easy to build, good filler, higher strength, no air knocking, no cracking and other advantages.
Method of use:Clean water and bucket shall be prepared before construction. The water:product ratio is 0.35-0.38:1 (mass ratio). Add a proper amount of clean water into the bucket, slowly add the product, and use an electric mixer to stir for 2-3 minutes until it is uniformly mixed.
Caution: The mixed product shall be used within 60 minutes. If the product has been solidified When the construction time is too long, please clean the bucket and add new product then mix again for construction.It is forbidden to add water to the solidified product for mixing and reuse.The thickness of single batch scraping is 3mm-10mm, and the wall is uneven and the gap exceeds 10mm, the scraping process will need to be repeated for twice or more.

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