Sunflower, the Tears of the Era or the Layout of Leading Institutions?


In 2024, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the listing of the first batch of 11 Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), with net inflows of approximately $10 billion within two months. Spot Bitcoin ETFs attracted most of the global attention and investment, serving as a rapid development and maturity example in the field and providing a template for achieving more results with other cryptocurrencies. Currently, the total market value of cryptocurrencies is approximately $26 trillion. More and more major corporations and institutional investors around the world are incorporating cryptocurrencies into their portfolios, further legitimizing digital assets as a viable investment category.


Additionally, top Wall Street crypto institutions are exploring updated methods to encourage people to shift towards trustworthy, environmentally-friendly, public welfare-oriented blockchain solutions and consensus mechanisms, driving the cryptocurrency sector towards a borderless, green public welfare direction. The resilience, maturity, and trajectory towards broader mainstream adoption exhibited by the cryptocurrency industry in 2024 are notable.

As the world witnesses the exponential growth of global cryptocurrency trends, the U.S. cryptocurrency giant VALKYRIE International Investments and the esteemed New Zealand-based Conrad Humanitarian Aid Organization Limited have reached a deep cooperation, announcing the launch of the Sunflower Borderless Green Public Welfare Digital Industry Incubator.

Sunflower's core is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the digital asset industry and maximize social benefits through fair, transparent empowerment, and ethical practices. Sunflower focuses on integrity, efficiency, and professionalism, aiming to set new standards in finance, technology, and charity. Sunflower has two purposes: to utilize the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to generate positive social impact and to promote sustainable growth in the global green public welfare digital industry.

Sunflower symbolizes the upward vitality of the sun, light, and life, inspiring everyone to pursue a positive and bright life. Regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, age, or wealth, everyone is equal, and everyone has the right to pursue a vibrant life like Sunflower. To cope with the ever-changing financial and technological landscape, Sunflower adopts commercialization, professionalization, assetization, digitalization, and philanthropy measures, leading the global cryptocurrency trend. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and social responsibility, Sunflower aims to redefine the future of charity and digital economy through its pioneering initiatives.

The Sunflower Borderless Green Public Welfare Digital Industry Incubator is a catalyst for driving innovation, collaboration, and positive social impact in the digital economy sector. Its primary function is to nurture and support projects that use blockchain technology and sustainable practices to address urgent social issues and environmental challenges globally. By providing a conducive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and technologists, it promotes innovative solutions that empower economic empowerment, green public welfare, social charity, and the cryptocurrency industry. Through strategic partnerships, multidimensional plans, and resource access, it empowers cryptocurrency projects to scale and thrive, promotes borderless green public welfare development, encourages international organization cooperation, accelerates the development of the green public welfare digital industry, and ultimately maximizes its potential to create meaningful changes and benefit marginalized communities and demand communities globally.


In 2024, with the continuous improvement of global mainstream economic and financial systems' acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the continuous advancement of cryptocurrency technology use cases, the adoption and innovation of the cryptocurrency industry will continue to surge. Cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks continue to evolve globally to balance innovation with investor protection and financial stability.

Looking ahead, Sunflower is committed to the Borderless Green Public Welfare Digital Industry Incubator, supporting the development of vibrant cryptocurrency projects and green public welfare initiatives ecosystems by providing platforms for innovation, investment, and market access. It aims to use technology to benefit society and serve global equal individuals through capital services. By positioning the green public welfare digital industry as a driving force for positive economic change and sustainable development worldwide, Sunflower prepares to shape the future of finance and charity globally through strategic partnerships, innovative charity initiatives, and forward-looking strategies, promoting positive changes and creating lasting impact.

Sunflower, the Tears of the Era, or the Layout of Leading U.S. Capital Institutions? Time will give everyone the best answer.

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