YES Digital Financial Inclusion Aggregator Optimization Continuation Radar Classic


The emergence of new technology and new finance globally will lead to the change of rules of an era, extinction and rebirth. YES Markets, as a leader of the new civilization of Web3.0, let's take YES as a starting point to explore the great Web3.0 world in depth, seek a fair, balanced and trustworthy way to shape our new future, and open a new round of change of social culture and value together.


1. Background

Against the backdrop of the global economic downturn, more organizations or enterprises are actively seeking entrepreneurial heights, and global high net worth individuals are seeking a more private, efficient and secure way to create wealth and finance. Under the Web3 entrepreneurial boom, with the intelligent transaction of financial inclusion on the chain as the carrier, and the radar fair mechanism algorithm as the traffic entrance, YES Digital Exchange creates a collection of Web3+AI+DeFi+GameFI, so as to enrich the diversified Web3.0 ecological application scenarios, and to create a comprehensive digital financial inclusion aggregator.

YES Digital Exchange was first established in Singapore, where both Web3.0, blockchain and virtual assets can give full play to the advantages of system, mechanism and rule of law, while circumventing geographical restrictions. 


YES Digital Exchange team members were from GameFi, SocialFi, DAO, DeFi, Metaverse and other different tracks, the team covers a variety of fields such as technology, business, operation, etc. Members from Yale, Columbia University and other famous schools and and Google, Microsoft and other companies, the team lineup is luxurious, the technical level can be guaranteed. Many core team members have participated in the operation and R&D of famous projects such as American Radar Labs, Singapore Fidelity Lite Fund, MakerDAO, Uniswap, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Solana, Mask, etc. The team members have participated in Web3.0 and DeFi Hackathon competitions for many times and led the projects to get the rankings.


2. Program Description

YES Markets is a fully encrypted exchange, the platform is built within a secure enclave (Secure Enclave) technology that prevents order activity from being read by any party, including the exchange operator, and utilizes a mechanism to protect the assets, eliminating the possibility of a single point of failure.YES Markets uses Atomic Swap technology without exposing the details of the order to conduct trades, matching orders through a multi-party computational protocol engine. This design protects the privacy of trades and provides convenience for traders.YES Markets provides users with an institutional-grade, fully confidential intermediary aggregation platform that enables participants to trade blocks of digital assets at a given market price without market impact.

Data aggregation, trade aggregation, revenue aggregation, financial aggregation and other integrated services are available on the YES platform, providing users with the following conveniences:

(1)Bringing users a higher quality digital currency trading platform;

(2) A third-party professional fund control platform that more effectively protects the safety of users' funds;

(3) Provides users with rich online digital currency trading services;

(4) Provide a wealth of digital currency information, more understanding of the industry to the market.



3. Ecological construction

Stage 1

  • YES Markets official website is online, product audit and pre-sale platform construction;
  • YES Markets on-line Beta version, on-line DeFi, NFT, game, social and other shared decentralized applications;
  • YES Markets and Blizzard Entertainment, a famous game development and distribution company in the United States, have reached a strategic cooperation, and will develop games based on the digital collection/NFT technology, expanding the application and value scenarios of digital collection and games.

Stage 2

  • YES Markets launches EVM-compatible cross-chain network, enabling bridgeless cross-chain exchange without Gas transactions across EVM-compatible chains, eliminating the need for users to hold the chain's native assets in order to perform the exchange. The average TTF (reach final state) is about 1 second in terms of performance, and P2P synchronization is 3x faster;
  • YES on-line Coingecko and coinmarketcap;
  • Will enter into a strategic partnership with the Singapore government for a series of collaborations to build a new platform that meets Singapore's policies and is legally compliant globally.

Stage 3

  • YES Markets' Cross-Chain Interactive Integration deployed on Ether, BSC, Solana, Tezos, Flow, Polygon , enabling cross-chain token interactive exchange;
  • Synchronized launch events for the global community, as well as a Dark Horse Marathon Award competition;
  • Formally open DAO autonomy, with community-led operation and development.

Stage 4

  • YES aggregates different types of external partners, as well as iterative 3.0 version, comprehensive ecological updates and openness, and realizes the scale of profitability of 2 billion US dollars
  • YES Markets will receive investment from super-tier Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other investors, and will be listed on the NASDAQ, the U.S. stock exchange, helping to become the world's top digital financial synthesis platform.


4. Market Heat

YES Markets' token issuance and distribution mechanism continues the radar classic economic model and achieves more optimization based on it. Digital technology empowers individuals tremendously, enabling them to do many things without being dependent on business organizations. For example, you can work for yourself without being dependent on an organization.YES's many special features and incentive programs are perfectly in line with everything users want from a quality trading platform.

The program is 100% run by its community DAO, driving development and management, as well as owning and owning the management token YES users will be able to make decisions. Simply put, YES Markets serves as a traffic portal and resource portal in the Web 3.0 era, providing users with trustworthy, valuable, money-saving and time-saving tools in the meta-universe world, and directly recommending the optimal trading and product paths for users to use.


In less than a year's time, globally, YES Markets will serve as the popular exchange hot project, and even push the heat of the whole cryptocurrency market to a new height by virtue of its own strength. We also hope to grow together with the majority of users, riding the wind of Web3.0 innovation, reinventing trading and data display, setting a new example for the trading market, and building a better future together. Looking ahead to the upcoming YES season, we may witness YES reach unprecedented heights.

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